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Contemporary Heroes of the Faith


Justification and Importance​

In a world where the aspects are more valuable than the content; in the age where there is a search for gospel fame and glamor affronted by the television, influenced in a deep moment of Biblical universal doctrine’s distortion; periods where’s the absolutes are demolished and the church sees it with no references and range of perception, it is necessary to find treasured ministries that are still hidden; it is necessary to present life and ministries to inspire the church, especially the young people, who are the objects of the holy ideals designed by God.


Main Purpose

The main purpose of the project is to find ministries that where preciously nameless and publish their stories to serve as reference and inspiration for a generation that may be without evangelical benchmarks, goals and horizons.


Lifting up the history of each Heroes of the Faith Contemporaneos, since their birth, conversion, education and accomplished art through documents, pictures, depositions, etc. Using the publisher’s service and the Ministerial Vision Publisher graphics, at low prices to support the Heroes project.


Book Format

The books will be published in Narration Literary Style, telling the faith hero story since the birth, childhood, adolescence, with the first chapter, and it will offer four more chapters that will respectively approach the convention and education. The main moments of the ministry (I and II) and the end of the topic on the fifth chapter. With dementions of 12x20cm, the book will have a maximum of 100 pages. Each chapter will fill around 18 pages. The remaining pages will be filled with the pretexts and after texts. The cover and the core will be gauged by the publisher.


This brief description is intended to show how the Ministerial Vision Publisher, through the Contemporary Heroes of the Faith Project can become a great blessing for the protestant people of Brazil and the world. More information can be found on the website or by calling (33)-3421-3039 or (33)-99978-7999.