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How to publish

Preliminary Conditions

  • Within the publication process, all submissions must be original. Assuring what is permitted by right, the author must avoid copies, plagiarism or publications without permission of the legal owner.
  • The author must do a bibliographical review to verify if the topic on process of publication hasn’t been sufficiently titled in others works.
  • The MVP will have a period of 2 months counting from the date originally received to make a decision about the acceptance of the work to publish or not, or stating an agreement of some other date with author. If the work is approved, the MVP will immediately send a Publication agreement of the work to the author. After signed the MVP will have 90 days to publish it.
  • Once approved for publication, the MVP will negotiate with the author the best copy of the publication, if electronic or printed, including presenting the prices of each copy of publication. The Electronic publication will not be available except, for sale or by downloading on the Publisher’s page.
  • The MVP will be able to publish works with concession of the author’s copyright. Having the author their royalties rights, according to the Publication agreement available on the website.
  • The academic art (monographs, essays and discussion of a thesis) on publication process must follow the instruction of the ABNT: The author must verify what type of publication will suggest, if thesis, essays, monographs or a common book.
  • The MVP will only publish works related to Biblical themes, specially urban ministries that is, the church department in town and in the world, such as ministries of theology as much as existence.
  • Each author will have a page on the website of the MVP to go along with the evolution of your art (approval, casting, sale profit etc.)
  • The electronic art will stay for free, accommodating the website of the MVP for the time of validity of the agreement publication and from then the celebration between the author and the MVP. Afterwards, if not renewing the agreement, and having the interests to continue accommodated on the website of the MVP the author must pay a accommodation tribute adjusted by the very same.
  • EVM does not maintain any employment relationship with the clients that publish with it. The works published on this site are exclusively as an act of courtesy to the authors with a view to boosting the knowledge and sale of their works. See publication agreement.

Final Conditions

  • The original documents sent by the author will go through two reviews in Portuguese, the copy-desk is the last task in the review process by the MVP, besides being acceptable to the Publisher’s standards, ANBT and commercial interest, without taking out the originality of the author’s concept.
  • The whole process of publication (reviews, i phone, layout, Copy-desk, recording and printing) will be conducted by MVP. Therefore, the publisher does not seize any work already completed, except for the review in Portuguese by the author, as agreed upon by contract.
  • As part of the design process cover design and artwork shall be done in CorelDRAW or other software chosen by MVP.
  • The process described here-in is sufficient for electronic publication which will be sold through the website of MVP.
  • After the indispensable reviews the art will go through a mechanical process (Photo-lithography), or by other means chosen by The Ministerial Vision Publisher and then final printing.
  • The commercialization of published works will be done by the MVP or by the author according to the publication agreement available on this website.
  • The copyright will be 30% on the electronic works, deducting the tax of, 25% on the printed works of the copyright and 2,5% on the obtained works by the MVP, according to the publication agreement.
  • The payment for the electronic or printed publishing service will be made in two stages: 50% (fifty percent) upon consummation of the contract agreement, and the rest on the presentation of the work on the website and/or printed. The MVP will not process any publication without this condition, except in the case of the publisher’s administrative approval. The adjustment about the copyright will be made trimmest and presented on the author’s personal page, hosted on the publisher’s website.

Publication Agreement

Download the Publication Agreement. Please read it carefully before filling it out and sending it to the Publisher.